The River of Life


There was a little girl who was filled with the wonder of life.  Fortunately, she was born with a happy spirit, which is a gift, because as she traveled down the river of life, there were many times that this spirit was “almost” crushed, and yet, somehow she kept it alive.  She loved life, and she loved people, and, unfortunately many times along this river, she was hurt by the people she loved. Sometimes, the hurts were unintentional and sometimes not — she was a very sensitive girl, and grew into a sensitive woman who hid all of her hurts behind a smile.  

She loved the years when her house was filled with children, although a difficult marriage with many harsh words and outbursts made those very years a struggle.  But she moved on downriver, waiting for easier times.  She became an old woman, and somehow those easier times never came.  Life became more complicated and she could no longer dream of better days.  The river seemed to be trapping her in a swirling current, and she had no easy way out.  And yet, she smiled and she loved her children and her grandchildren and her friends.  Few knew or cared that she was trapped in this current.  And yet, somehow, her happy spirit continued to give her hope for better times downriver.

The moral of this story is that as you travel down your own river of life, always be sure to take the time to be kind and supportive to others — even those whose smiling faces may be hiding sadness and pain. 

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