April Showers


Yesterday was a perfect day to work in the garden — soft April breezes and pale sunshine; I gathered my gardening tools and set about doing some much-needed weeding, marveling at the tiny perennials that are struggling to grow in this chillier than normal spring weather.  I accomplished quite a bit before my back and shoulders warned me that they could do only so much at a time.  There were errands to be run and shopping to be done, so I left the garden and spent the afternoon away from the house, grateful for the mild day as I went about my many travels.

This morning dawned cloudy, chilly, and showery, eventually turning to a much-needed soaking April rain.  On a morning such as this, it is a luxury to be snuggled in my cozy house, watching the rain from the window.  I have organized my desk and paid some bills, done a bit of laundry, and finished a book I was too sleepy to read last night.  Now I will  warm up a bowl of soup for lunch, pick out a new book to begin, and settle in for a quiet afternoon, unless, of course, fickle April changes her mind; the rain may stop and skies clear, and I will be more inclined to join the world again.


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