The Hopefulness of Spring


As I dressed this morning in those moments between dawn and sunrise, I heard the sweet songs of the birds outside my window, welcoming the new day, and calling to their mates.  While the earth is still brown, the air today a bit chill, and a weak sunshine filters through the clouds, my heart leaps at the signs of spring.  It is difficult to believe, as I push aside the leaf mulch to uncover the first snowdrops — precious as jewels — that in a few short months my gardens will be filled to the brim with lush flowers and greenery, the maple trees casting deep shadows on warm summer afternoons.

Spring is a time of hope.  In the Northeast, March is the bridge between winter and spring, and we hold our breath — hoping that an untimely snow doesn’t fall.  We can’t wait for April, when each day the bleeding hearts,  daffodils, tulips, and lily-of-the-valley grow taller and taller, opening their lovely blossoms by the end of the month for all the world to see.  The lilacs perfume the air and cascade along fences and into our hearts.  Spring is a time of longer days and warmer, softer breezes, which whisper the promise of the summer to come.

Yesterday was a frustrating day for me.  By bedtime, I was emotionally and physically exhausted, and feeling much anger and disappointment in my life.  And then, this morning, my spirits lifted as the birdsong floated on the air.  Moments ago, as I went out to fill the bird feeders, I noticed the slant of spring sunshine and felt the soft caress of the spring breeze, and I realized, there is always hope.  Sometimes all we have is the hope that times will get better — that these problems we face at the moment will somehow be resolved, and we will find pleasure and peace in our lives once more.  That is why we are blessed with Spring!





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